ImmsLink | EnterpriseRx ®

ImmsLink is fully integrated into McKesson’s EnterpriseRx Pharmacy Management System and is accessible directly in workflow through the Clinical Programs Solution.

The Immslink program empowers pharmacists to improve vaccination rates by delivering real-time access to patients’ immunization histories at the point of care.

Using the fully integrated “vaccine forecaster” the pharmacist can see a patient-specific guide, in real-time, of due or past due vaccinations and consult with their patients.

This service is recommended for patients over 50 with multiple vaccine options to optimize patient adherence and clinical care.

This is a software as a service subscription. STChealth shall report immunization transactions received from the Company’s store(s) to the Applicable State Immunization Information System(s) and return patient immunization histories and vaccine recommendations when available. Initial term is for 1 year effective on the date payment is made. Subscription will automatically renew for 1 year unless terminated by either party in writing 60 days prior to end of current term.

Changes in terms and conditions will be agreed upon in writing by both parties prior to start of any renewal term.

Data Rights. Company expressly acknowledges that as part of this Agreement, STChealth will have access to various data including, but not limited to information about patients’ health, immunization histories, family history, personally identifiable information, and any and all other data and information supplied by Company to STChealth during the term of this Agreement (collectively “Data”). Company grants to STChealth a nonexclusive, irrevocable, right to use, reproduce, and create derivative works of the Data. The Data will be considered Confidential Information as defined in this Agreement and STChealth agrees to abide by the obligations relating to Confidential Information as it relates to the Data for as long as the Data meets the definition of Confidential Information as set forth herein.