Washington Provider Interoperability Monthly Report

Interoperability – Provider Onboarding

Reporting Period: January 2019

Currently Onboarding: 44 Providers

Successful Onboards to Date: 14 Providers

Provided By: Scientific Technologies Corporation

Providers Actively Onboarding
As of 1/30/2019

Provider Phases
As Of 1/30/2019

Providers with Stalled Activity
As of 1/30/2019

Wait Listed Providers
As of 1/30/2019

Overview of Provider Progression
As of 1/30/2019

News and Notes


Provider HIE Connection News:

  • 14 Providers are now Live!
  • WA DOH  Web Services option is progressing.  OneHealthPort to provide WA Tech with a request to lessen message security requirements with technical explanation of current delivery standards.

Providers Requiring More than 1 Test DQA :

  • Samaritan Healthcare Clinics required a 2nd DQA

Providers Interested in 1-Year of Financial Assistance :

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories may be interested in establishing an HIE connection if they can receive financial assistance to cover the expenses of the first year.  Linda Pursley will continue to follow any developments for this provider.

Continued Issue Mitigation:

  • A web services connection option is being planned for upcoming implementation.  This option will allow providers with numerous EHR types to now onboard.  These providers were previously unable to onboard through the HIE due to the AS2 connection requirement.  The connection type will begin implementation upon receiving security approval by WA DOH and WA Tech officials.
  • Providers who are slow to respond to next-step requests are being contacted by phone and e-mail.