Washington HIE/WAIIS Interoperability 2019 Yearly Report

Interoperability – Provider Onboarding

Reporting Period: March 2019

Currently Onboarding: 48 Providers

Successful Onboards to Date: 15 Providers

Provided By: Scientific Technologies Corporation

Providers Actively Onboarding
2019 – End of Year

Provider Phases
As Of 12/31/2019

Providers with Stalled Activity
2019 – End of Year

Wait Listed Providers
As of 12/31/2019

Overview of Provider Progression
2019 – End of Year

News and Notes


Provider HIE Connection News:

  • 26 Providers are now Live!
  • Web Services option is now available for onboarding.

Continued Issue Mitigation:

  • WA DOH is working with the Informatics Team on how to address the organizations that are reluctant to use the HIE.