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STChealth Connects Over 1000 New Immunization Providers to Their Industry- Leading Intelligence Network in First Half of 2022 

The STChealth Provider Access Network, connecting over 31,000 vaccine provider locations to the appropriate state immunization registry, ensures that immunizers have access to the most COMPLETE view of patient immunization history, direct from the source of truth- AND remain compliant with state reporting laws. In addition, this bi-directional connection allows providers to identify gaps in care, making immunization recommendations to patients simple and consistent.  

As any immunizing organization can attest to, getting “onboarded” with the state immunization registry can be a long and complicated process- forms and phone calls, testing periods and double data entry. But the STChealth Solution Optimization team, led by Jude Alden, former Immunization Director of the Wyoming Department of Public Health, has developed a methodical and easy process for our partners. 

 “Ensuring that STChealth’s GO LIVE Team integrates national operational and data quality standards in collaboration with state best practices results in a more efficient, and therefore expedited, connection process,” said Jude. “The team really understands the importance of supporting both providers and Immunization Programs in a way that allows them to focus on achieving higher level health outcomes.” 

The STChealth team is currently processing approximately 25 new connection requests weekly and is therefore continuously improving and streamlining the onboarding process, making the Provider Access Network the most trusted and complete Intelligence Network in the industry. For more information, please contact or visit us at or

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